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Standard type Flanges:

• API Flange
• Slip On Flange
• Weld Neck Flange
• Blind Flange
• Long Weld Neck
• Threaded Flange
• Lap Joint Flange
• Socket Weld Flange
• Reducing Flange
• Plate Flange
• Spectacle Blind Flange
• Orifice Flange
• Flat Flange
• Loose Flange
• Square Flange
• Groove & Tongue Flange

45° and 90°
Long and Short Radius
Equal and Reducing
180° Return Bends
Short and Long Radius
End Cap

Pressure Fittings
• Elbows: 90° and 45°
• Tees: Equal and Reducing
• Swage Nipples: Concentric and Eccentric (any combination of ends)
• Plugs: Hexagonal, Round and Square
• Unions: Female/female and Male/female
• Couplings: Full, Half and Reducing
• Barrel Nipples: Plain, Bevelled or screwed in any combination caps
• Reducing Bushes and Inserts

Pipe and Tube

Material Grades:
Carbon Steel : ASTM A106, API 5L (or equivalent BS3602 grades)
Low Temperature : A333 - Grade 6 and 3
High Yield (Offshore) Grades : API 5L, X52, X60, X65
Duplex / Super Duplex Stainless : UNS 31803, UNS 32760, 31254 (6MO)
Stainless Steels : ASTM 312, TP304, 304H, 304L, 310, 316, 316H, 316L, 347, 347H (and equivalent BS3605 grades)
Alloy Steels : ASTM A335, P5, P9, P11, P12, P22, 15 Mo 3, 13 Cr Mo 44 (and equivalent BS3604 grades)
Exotic Alloys : Monel 400, Incoloy 800/H/HT, Inconel 600/625, Hastelloy, Titanium, Cupro-Nickel 90/10, 70/30
Boiler / Heat Exchanger Tubes : ASTM A179, A199, A213, A249 Grades T5, T11, All Stainless

Cladded Pipes, Fittings & Flanges
Weld Overlay
Explosion Bond
Clad & Weld Overlay Materials

Induction Bend

Pipe Bending


Spiral Wound Gasket
Kammprofile Gasket
Metal Jacketed / Heat Exchanger Gasket
Non Metallic Gasket
Ring Type Gasket